My name is Emily, and I live to see and share the beauty of everyday journeys.

I create custom paintings and illustrations, and am also available for graphic design and photography projects. Visit my shop for original art, prints, and notecards.

My art focuses on landscapes and the people and stories nestled within them. Many of my early paintings depicted scenes and flora from my home in Hawaii. Life has since taken me to the Midwest, Asia, and Europe, adding further sources of inspiration.   

A voracious childhood reader, I grew up getting lost in stories and fictional worlds. Sometimes, I tried to draw the fantastic scenes which authors conjured in my mind. I’ve never stopped wanting to participate in the stories I encounter on pages by bringing a visual contribution to their worlds. 

I currently live in Indiana, where the bright tropical colors of my early years have blended with the patient grace of tilled earth and wide skies.

I see creativity as part of humanity’s essence, a way we reflect the nature of God. I want my work to inspire others to create art too, in whatever form it might take.


In 2018, Emily Austin Design was awarded an On-Ramp Fellowship grant from the Indiana Arts Commission, which is in place from July 2018-June2019. The grant funds go towards supplies and advertising to help grow my business. To learn more about the Commission, visit their website. To read about all of this year's On-Ramp Fellowship recipients, click here